Source for 750mm makerslide?

Hey all!

Does anyone know of a way to order 750mm makerslide? I am interested in stretching my machine X axis to 750mm rather than a full 1000mm. I know that I could buy 1000mm makerslide to cut down, but given that I am isolated and without a proper shop, cutting and squaring them would be a difficult task. I dont know of any local machine shops to do it for me either.

Is there a current source to buy lengths domestically @ 750mm?

If not, Is there anyone who has the ability to cut and square these for me? Ill pay you for your efforts as long as its not astronomically expensive.


where are you located and do you have a power miter box saw or a table saw. both will cut MS with a little WD40 for lube. Make a test cut and check for square and if all is good make your final cut at 750.


I dont have either… sadly.

I live on north shore oahu. Finding access to tools, let alone something with any precision seems to be a little difficult.

I’ll bet there are shops there that build custom surf boards. Go talk to them I’ll bet one of them can cut the maker slide for you.

Contact these guy bet they could help.

Here is another option. take a trip to Home Depot in Honolulu and pick up a low cost table saw


I cut my makerslides to custom lengths on my bandsaw using a metal-cutting blade. A small, inexpensive bandsaw would be nice for a lot of things around your shop.

Bill, I like the way you think! I wish I had a shop :slight_smile: when we moved here I had to downsize quite dramatically and the majority of my garage got stuffed into storage. It was a sad day for sure. I suppose I will try and find a machine shop to do some cutting for me unless someone with some 1000mm makerslide would like to cut it and send it to me for a fee :slight_smile:

Since, there is an official 750mm X-Carve available now, I was wondering if one could order 750mm Makerslide (the original, not the wide) directly from Inventables.

I currently own a 500mm pre-2016 X-Carve and I am interested in upgrading. Since:

(a) the max footprint my work area can fit is 750x750mm
(b) there is no upgrade kit for the new 750mm model
© I already own an X-Controller anyway

I am planning on getting the extrusions separately. My new X axis is covered, as the Wide Makerslide is available in 750mm as an independent part (30678-02). However, there is no option to independently purchase the original Makerslide in 750mm pieces. I could alternatively use Wide Makerslide on the Y axis as well, but this is not wise as I would sacrifice significant X travel… and needlessly pay more.

@Zach_Kaplan since you already use the original Makerslide in 750mm lengths for the Y axis of the medium size 2016 X-Carve, do you plan on making it available on the store as well?

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Hi @EliasPolitis I’m not sure of the status of that. Let me check.

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Sounds like it’s in process.


Any rough estimate in terms of time? Rough, as by June 2017 when I plan my next visit to the US? (750mm lengths would be ridiculously expensive to ship abroad and potentially vulnerable to mishandling)

I dont know. The team that is working on it is getting back to me.