Source for extrusion hardware?

Does anybody have a recommended source for buying things like t-nuts and metric fasteners?

I haven’t been able to find a single-source vendor on amazon that sells all of the bits I need, and I don’t want to pay for shipping from a bunch of different places.

Fastenall carries them but won’t sell to me unless I have an account, and also don’t sell in small-ish quantities. Home centers in my area only sell SAE fasteners, and no extrusion parts at all.


PS I’m in Edmonton, Canada

Grainger, McMaster-Carr and the various hardware stores should all have this sort of stuff — not sure about the availability and shipping to Canada though.

I’ve heard that McMaster-Carr won’t ship to Canada for some reason.

T-nuts and metric fasteners should be available at any decent hardware store, though pricing can hurt sometimes.

The only link we have from the Shapeoko wiki which might help is: — Burnaby, BC, Canada, locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle

I use Misumi, great service!
MacMaster-Car wont deliver to Canada (unless you have an existing corporate account).

Misumi for me as well

Thanks for the tips!

I wanted to get things up and running on my machine so I just used regular machine screws, with the screw head sitting inside the extrusion.

There isn’t enough room for a washer, so it’s not the best solution, but good enough to hold down my wasteboard for now!