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I am having issues with trying to find a specific type of image for a project I would like to try. I have a decent sized chunk of black walnut live edge, with a hole in the middle. I had the idea of carving out an aerial view of animals at a pond/lake/quarry, then fill in the hold in the wood with different layers of darkening blue epoxy and turn it into a side table or large clock. I can’t seem to find a good image of something like that. I’m very inexperienced with Photoshop and other artsy software. Would it be easier to try to find some images of individual animals and do them one by one in Inkscape? Or is this not a very good idea in the first place? haha

I would highly recommend you take a look at, as they have a ton of stuff that is easy to convert (if necessary) and it’s dirt cheap.

You will probably need Illustrator or Inkscape to convert the file to the right format, but that is super simple. If you need help doing that, just contact me and I can either talk you through it or do it for you. (I have used Illustrator since it first came out, so I am pretty fair at it.)


Thanks. I checked it out over this weekend, I couldn’t find much as far as something like “top view+animal” goes. mostly sea creatures and cartoon style animals

You could try to look at the National Geographic website. They have a lot of documentaries about animals with arial shots. Keep in mind that a ‘top view’ of an animal isn’t going to look like an animal, so your final project might not look like what you have in mind.

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I agree with that. I was open to more ideas on what to do with the pieces of walnut I have. Short form abstract or nothing at all and just fill it in with resin, I don’t have any other ideas

Pixabay has well over a million free and royalty-free images.

Post a pic of the piece…might inspire someone.

here’s the pieces mentioned. My first thought was to just square them off and do a simple “river table” with both pieces as one finished table. Then thought of carving something in them instead. That’s a 24x28 piece of plywood they’re leaning on for scale.