Source for good wood?

I’m really not liking carving things from baltic birch plywood and I really despise MDF. Anyone know of a good source for 1/8" - 3/16" hardwoods or softwoods that are 12"-16" wide?

Subjective. Where are you located?
Search for hardwoods or cabinet suppliers.

Western NY.

lol why does everyone hate mdf? I love mdf it cuts like butter and holds a great edge finsh :slight_smile:

I would check out

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hardwoods near buffalo, ny -flooring
Google is your friend. Trust in Google.

Ocooch Hardwoods

Relatively decent prices and pretty good size selections.

I like the width selections for scroll saw wood at the Ocooch site.

Thanks for the links folks!!

since we’re here, I’m looking for round untreated wood in 7"-8" diameters, 24" - 36" lengths would be ideal.
have tried numerous searches, cannot seem to find anything.
anyone have any ideas?

what do you mean by this?

do you need rounds or boards?

I’m using a rotary access and need rounds…


well if you are needing something thick or thin I can supply you with those

made out of

Pine or Douglas fir

that would be the easiest material to make them out of but could be made out of other material to would just have to glue up boards

yeah, so if you do that then the rounding process means you lose diameter that could be used to scale up the geometry, also means you spend a lot of time rounding the wood down.

trying to maximize finished size and minimize cut time.


are you in the states?

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outside Philly on the 202.
have been visiting wood yards and drop points for tree companies.
8" diameter is a weird size, too small for most tree waste.
wood yards seem to have cedar posts only, 6" or less.

I have a good source for that where I am at posts posts and more post and then I can turn them round pretty easy

what are you using to turn them?

Either wood lathe or router jig

well yeah. I looked at lathes and they get really expensive above about 12" diameter. what are you using?

Oh, it’s on.
It took me this long and reading your joke out of the context of this thread to get it…

Source for good wood?


Aim higher!


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