Source for touch sensitive on/off switch for table lamp base

Aloha - looking for a source of quality 110v on/off or on/off/dimmer switch for a table lamp project. The look I’m going for flush mounting in wooden base. I could use a standard size wall switch but I’d like something smaller.

Radio Shack, Lowes, Home Depot

I get mine at ace hardware, and homedepot , I can never find them on the websites at home depot they are usually on an end cap with lamp parts. Around 30-35$

like this one?

Thanks KnnethConnell1 - that type of switch would work with a metal base lamp, but I like working with wood. Metals rust and tarnish too easily in the Hawaii climate.

I found this one on Alibaba,com, but have not ordered from there yet, and it’s 12volt.

3-way touch light control - 12v