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Hi gang, I think I may be like a lot of folks in that I don’t always want to create every stroke of every project I’m going to cut. And before anybody gets things in a wad (lol), I’m not talking about infringing on any copyright! There are several companies that specialize in providing royalty free graphics for the printing industry. Some are VERY high end and some fall into a zone of quality suitable for comics and coloring books. If you make carvings for a hobby like I do, you may find your needs being met by some of the quality, mid range companies like Dover Publishing.

I was introduced to Dover by my wife who worked for many years as a graphic artist. In her position, they would look to these graphics for inspiration Or direction when starting a new project. Sometimes including the image in the project, and sometimes it became only a suggestion of direction.

One of the great benefits of the Dover books is that many include a CD of all the graphics in the book and software that can assist you in using or modifying the files. Dover has grouped their graphics by general category and each book includes several hundred images. I use Corel Draw to adjust the images I use, saving them in whatever format works best for my CNC machines. This is important for me because I own a CNC router running Mach3, a CNC vertical mill which is running Chilipepper, and my Shapeoko 2 running GRBL. i’ve even used some on my 3d printers!

These books can be purchased new on and with careful shopping you may even find used copies for less than $5 - but some of the used books may not include the CD - buyer beware! If you have access to a good scanner, you may find that buying the books without the CD and just scanning the graphics you want may work for you. Also this might be a good place to add that apart from being a happy customer, I have no connection with Dover Publishing - however After 38 years I’m still maintaining a happy relationship with the sweetest graphic designer I’ve ever known! :smile:

I you have another source for graphics you like, how about listing it here. It can save us all a lot of time and perhaps a little change too.

Here are a few good sources for 3D carving files

Of course doing an image search in Google often will provide some very nice images.


I recently discovered the noun project (

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I found this site that provides me with awesome resources and inspiration! Check it out!

Priceyyyy. :slight_smile:

I just used the noun project to find some great vector drawings. Thanks for the link.

Great resources. What software are you using to generate gcode from the .stl files?

I am using Vcarve Desktop. It does a great job with imported STL files. You just need to be sure you have the part oriented correctly with respect to the XY plane and the depth in the material where you need it to be.

Here is another source of vector files (eps,dxf)

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Thanks Mr. Life saver. (Are they free, or buy one get 9 free) :slight_smile:

All seem to be free for the taking * . I have been downloading all morning.

  • They do require you create a free account first

I was wondering where is Allen. Seems like you were digging treasure.

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@AllenMassey - Very nice, I will have to do some downloading when I get home from work. Great find.

Took a quick glance, I think I’ll cut the Jurassic World sign to go with the dinosaurs I cut this weekend.

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