Sourcing and cutting 'hard rubber'

So, for a recent project I was seeking out a nylon or rubber spacer 5mm ID and about 7.8 - 8 mm OD, but I only need 2, and realized I can just cut my own out with X-carve.

Anyone know where to source a good small piece of hard rubber - maybe just find a furniture foot or doorstop or something I can cut a slice out of with a miter saw?

Also, suggestions for cut settings? I’m guessing very small vertical steps (like 0.02 or so) and fairly fast, sort of similar to cutting nylon? 60 in/min and 0.02 worked for me for Kydex with a .125 bit.

hehe that is also said when your in disbelief.

So here is a good source for very hard rubber. :smiley:'stallhumane4x6'&kmmt=p&gclid=CKXAj77JzNACFdAy0wodTSIJdw

These are used for keeping the horses from chipping their hooves in stalls that have cement floors.