Sourcing for purchasing longer (~1800mm +) Y-Axis MakerSlide rail


Like the title says I am looking at increasing my Y-Axis on my machine since I often have to split cuts up. I was basically looking at doubling the length. My plan was to basically build a second 1000mm x1000mm waste board with rails. Then I would butt the new waste board up against my original machine and secure the two together.

I was hoping that I would be able to purchase the MakerSlide rails from Inventables but it looks like they don’t sell anything longer than the 1000mm. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells the MakerSlide rails that I would be able to purchase a 1800mm + length at? I have been googling and haven’t been able to find a good seller and I am not sure if it simply isn’t carried anywhere.

Otherwise, my thought is that I could purchase two more 1000mm rails and figure out a way to align them with the original rails and support the added weight from the length. If I have to go this route does anyone have a good suggestion on hardware/brackets to secure two aluminum extrusions together butt to butt?

1800 MM X-Carve Upgrade : 14 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

It looks like the Person who wrote up that instructable purchsed the longer makerslides from inventables but it appears they do not sell them anymore. . . instead one could used this pairing of parts Where can I buy 1800mm MakerSlide? - #8 by ChristopherLathan

Fantastic, thank you for this helpful information. Looking at those links it seems almost like the best option (for about the same price) would be to buy two more 1,000mm MakerSlide rails from Inventables and butt mount them together to create the longer rail needed. Then at that point I would need to put some reinforcing plates to hold the rail in place with the added length.

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