Sourcing Motor Upgrades

For getting motors for the x-carve I have noticed a few reference StepperOnline for specs. Has anyone ever purchased anything from them directly? experiences with returns, Shipping times, etc. They have an amazon storefront, but if your willing to bear with a longer ship time the stuff cots less on there own website.


$9.14 Each[62.3%2C64%2C65.1%2C84%2C85%2C92]



Would I be better off spending extra on amazon?

I always prefer to gather info on a website before I give them credit Info.

They are motors to place on an actually motorless 2-hand x-carve 500mm. I am aware of the difference between nema 17 & 23. I don’t need that much power though.

I have ordered directly from SteppersOnline. Ship time was fine. Make sure that you order from the US website (oops assume you are in the states) or you will be ordering from China and that takes a long time to ship.

Can’t speak to customer service issues as all the motors I have purchased worked.

Assembled mine 2 weeks ago.

I have used these for my X & Y axis:

And this for Z-Axis:

They work perfectly.

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I ordered motors and controllers direct from their US store and got it all in about a week.

I got the stronger nema 23s… and I am AMAZED at the improvement.
You may not “need” the power for your application, but having it means no lost steps, no more underpowered Y axis issues. Of course you need a more powerful controller to take advantage of it.

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The motors work fine with the gShield.

I dont have the gShield but is it actually capable of providing a steady 2,8A to the motor so maximum torque is available?
Unless your sole point was that the larger motor is 100% compatible with the gShield :slight_smile:

I have a home built CNC first based on Nema17’s and Protoneer G-Shield. Upgraded drivers (DRV8825 IIRC).
Since then upgraded to Nema23 269oz/in motors and 2,6A capable drivers. The power difference is HUGE.
Well worth the upgrade :slight_smile:

I’ve seen pics of your machine Bob. Need definitely has nothing to do with it! :beers:

The Gshield can not provide that much current but is rated at 2.5A which is close.

The only gripe about those motors I have is the inductance. With the power supply at 24V it seemingly does hell with the torque curve. StepperOnline posted the torque curve and it’s got a significant drop off with RPM increase. I was hopeful for a smoother curve. At some point, I’m hoping to actually put a few different steppers on a dynamometer I have access to at work and get actual torque curves at different voltages.

I ordered and assembled the stepper motor from the Motiongoo website.

X and Y axis:

For Z axis:

These motors are very good and worth recommending. :beer: