South Alabama

I am wanting to order the X-carve but would like to have someone in the area that may be willing to come over and lend a helping hand or at least be there for questions. I am a good wood worker but scared to death of buying a $1,500 dollar CNC unassembled.

You should take a look at the assembly instructions. They are clear and easy to follow in a logical order.

I’ve been doing Woodworking for over 50 years and when I got the XCarve I knew. Otho has about the CNC world. The instructions are easy to follow and the machine went together with very little difficulty. Customer support is excellent. With your background not all that different from mine, I believe you can do it. Also there is tons of support and people willing to help here on the forum

I would agree on this. I understand wanting someone around, but the instructions are really well written and inventables has honestly the best customer support I have ever encountered in my life. There are also some really smart people on this forum (who could also give their thought on what to buy and what not to buy) who will gladly help you diagnose problems. It takes time and patience, but once you have it running you will like not regret it.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. With that said, what items do you think i need and items i don’t need? I will be getting the 1000mm unit.