Spacing between wasteboard holes (1000mm)

Sorry for this post but i am at work with nothing to do and no machine to measure. I want to design some hold downs but I have no idea the spacing between. Can anyone help me out?

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Thank you! You need to charge your phone and clear your updates :wink:


Almost all the specifications for any of the X-Carve’s parts are online, in CAD and PDF formats:

its 75mm on center :slight_smile:

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This would vary slightly depending on where and how you secured your belts.

Hi, I just placed an order for a 1000mm x 1000mm xcarve. I was going to make my own wasteboard, I was wondering if I really need to do all 144 hold down holes or if I could do a few dozen and then add more as needed in the future.

Awesome! Thank you, so I assume basically the counter sunk holes on the sides are the only really important ones to do so it can mount onto the x-carve?

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OK, I’ll admit to being a complete idiot here, but what does this diagram even mean? What are the units???

I’ve been wrestling with trying to make an auxiliary waste-board of 1/8" Masonite held down with carpent tape to overlay the factory waste-board so my students don’t chew it up quite so fast. I just want the hole pattern to match up to the factory board. But the hole spacing is some weird dimension, neither an even number of millimeters on center, nor any reasonable fractional inch measurement, so I am having a heck of a time setting up the machine to drill out holes through the auxiliary board.

The holes are 75mm on center.

I don’t doubt you Eric and I’ve read that 75mm elsewhere. That’s the spacing I laid out in Easel for my first try at an auxiliary waste-board. But when I carved the waste-board, the spacing didn’t match up, and that’s when I got out the calipers.

I’m getting 75.54 mm center to center on the factory waste-board…Maybe my board was just a bad production run. I’ll blame gnomes and pixies…

I’ll just revise the carve by drilling out the holes to 10mm or so to leave some “slop” for adjustment.

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