Spammers in the projects

Inventables needs to go through the projects and get rid of all the spammers, no one cares about the free movies

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It’s an ongoing battle. If there are specific ones you see post them here and I can remove them.

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anything by AdamHebrew, Sangu Chakkaram 2017 full movie watch online,
Jodoh Memang Tak Pergi Ke Mana Full Movie Tonton Online, samer hammoud, Blake Putera, Toony Blast

thats enough for now…

there NEEDS to be a REPORT feature added to the projects so that these issues can be addressed

thank you zach

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If you go to projects and select “all projects” the scroll down …75% of the projects listed under the COMMUNITY PROJECTS are spam… those listed below are just some found scattered in other areas…

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You guys don’t want to watch movies while you work on projects?

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These have all been removed.

Do you see any others?

If you go to projects, and on the left hand side select ALL projects… then take a minute or two to scroll down 'there is a heading IN BOLD labeled "Community Projects"

not a single one of the several that I opened link to an actual project… You really should get someone on top of this… ALSO… if the Project section was “searchable” it might be used more for project showcasing…

Spammers need to be shot. Can’t stand them. Just make it difficult for everyone. If someone is caught spamming their login needs to be revoked keeping them from spamming more. If there is an excuse, maybe their account was hacked, then they need to contact customer service to reinstate their account. And with that said 3 strikes and your out. New account needed.