Spare parts?

Any plans for your spare parts? So I’ve been a proud owner of the Shapeoko 2 for some time now and have done a few small modifications. I am currently upgrading it to the X-Carve and expanding the footprint of my machine and was just wondering if anyone else was going to be in the same boat as me and might end up having a couple extra spare parts. So anyone have any cool plans for any of the spare parts they might have? I am really thinking about building something… just not sure what.

I have some extra rail and was thinking I would make an electronics box and some how incorporate the small lengths into the design. If I don’t then I will use them to make the woodworking jig I need.

I have a Shapeoko 1, which I then upgraded to a sort-of Shapeoko 2. Now I’m about to upgrade it to an X-Carve and will have almost enough parts left over to build a Shapeoko 1.5-ish again.

So I’m thinking of assembling the spare parts into a machine with a smaller footprint that will be dedicated to only doing circuit boards, which is kind of a fussy process that requires setup. That will then free my bigger machine to do wood and plastic housings and instrument panels :slight_smile:

Another good idea if you’ve got some rails left over is to make a camera slider.

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