Speaker Boxes

Well, after several machine problems, software problems, and other unknown problems, I finally got the speaker cabinets done and delivered. The customer was very pleased. He brought a friend with him to pick them up. They are quite heavy. The friend ordered a pair for himself. A friend of a friend called and ordered a set and then while on the phone, another ordered two sets. Its Christmas all around I guess. Not complaining, I love the word of mouth referrals. Anyway, here are the Kahnspire cabinets in question that sparked the whole mess. And my thanks to everyone that helped with my machine problems.


Awesome! Congrats.

Awesome! They look great, glad to hear you got it all sorted out!

Nice cabinets! Glad to hear you are up and running and that orders are flowing.

Nice! Didn’t we start a thread a while back for people whose XC’s are paying for themselves? If not, we should. Great marketing for the SO’s who question the initial investment…

Reminds me of my early 20’s and we’d use MDF to make enclosures for our subs in the backs of our cars. Good times…