Specify detail path in Easel Pro

Is there a way to specify which portion on the carve will be handled by the detail path? I am creating a heart shaped dish that will have text in the middle and want to use a v bit for the text. When I generate the preview it shows the v bit carving around the shape as well as the text and it puts a large curve on the edge of the heart that I do not want.

I like the look of the heart with straight sides and the text with the v bit. Anyway to specify that only the text will run in the detail pass?


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Not being mean, but this has been posted before and was even earlier today. Make sure you check out the search function. We will lose good help from veteran members if people don’t use info already available before asking.

Sorry for asking a question that has been asked previously. I did a search for this and looked at earlier posts from today and I didn’t see any that answered this question. I will search through old posts to see if I can find the answer.

Thanks -

Hi Kyle,

I’m “not being mean” either, but rather than pontificating, how about answering the man’s question, seeing as you obviously already know the answer from reading it so many times? I’d rather have multiple posts about the same thing on a forum than a perfectly ordered forum where honest questions can’t get answered. Your response was no help to anyone.


Teach vs handing answers. You will drive away those willing to help if you don’t search. I have answered this today already. I am new here and trying to show respect for others who have put so much time into making this forum what it is. I have seen many other forums fall this way.

Use separate projects. Make a master file with the largest bit size you plan to use. Check closely what wont cut. Duplicate it and remove the bigger pieces the main bit will handle fine. Adjust your bit size and go.

There is a happy middle ground. I have been reading this forum for about three years now and I still have problem finding posts that I wrote.

Here and on other forums, when people ask a question, keep in mind that keywords can make or break your ability to find your own answers. For example, I often times search for a way to make projects larger than the 1000 mm² X-Carve. If I even know the term “tiling” and do a search on it, I get a completely different set of results than if I search for “tile” (as in how to “tile” your project). If I didn’t know the proper term, it would be almost impossible to find my own answer.

In order to guide and teach but not spoon-feed, I would answer a newbie post with some encouragement and some helpful search terms, like pointing out to search both “tile” and “tiling”. That could in effect double the answers they find for themselves.


Look into the workpieces function of Easel.

@MidnightMaker - Thanks for the guidance. I will make sure to widen the search words I use. I am very much a newbie with the X-carve (just finished assembly in December) as well to the forum. I am going to look up your post on tiling larger projects too!

@JustinBusby - I an not familiar with the workpieces function in Easel but will search the forum for this.

Thanks for the help!

Work Pieces:
You can expand / collapse the bottom meny

Many use Work Pieces as a archive, say for one main Easelfile for “Mom” with several work pieces under that main file.

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Or in this case, you have 1 piece that is a “compiled” design, and other pieces that have copies of the design with certain elements removed to carve a specific way with a specific bit.

Here’s one I did that shows this way of designing and toolpathing:

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Gotcha - didn’t know that’s what that area was called.

It took a little testing to get it right and I an having to do the project in 3 separate runs to get the end result I am looking for but I did a test piece this morning and it worked great.

Thanks everyone for pointing me in the right direction! This is a lesson I will not soon forget.

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@PhilJohnson did a great job explaining his tiling operation too. Make sure to check it out.

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