Speed control for my single speed router

I live in 230 voltage land, I see with envy lots of cheap speed controllers for 110volts routers. I have a single speed Makita 230volts 25000 rpm and see that I could use a speed control but most seem to be expensive, and I am not sure about things like torque and holding speeds under load etc. Has anyone found a 230 volts speed control that does the job?

regards Neal


SuperPID. Yes expensive, but worth every dime if you want flexibility and works with ANY router you may use in the future.

sheesh $150 hmm thats too rich for my blood,

I wonder if this works

2000W 50V - 220V Adjustable Voltage Regulator PWM AC Motor Speed Controller

regards Neal

It will work until it burns up! The cheap controllers do no maintain torque though out the speed. This is important for consistent cutting.

I’m building a pantorouter using a single speed router and I’ve looked around for speed control/soft start options and the Super PID is the best offering so far. The cheap speed controls, as listed, I wouldn’t touch for both reliability and safety reasons.
I may end up with a DIY solution as the Super PID is outside my budget also.

So the PID is the way to go, I am up for some soldering or even a PCB, has anyone got any links to plans, I did a quick google search and came up with only sales products

regards Neal

Just remember you will be working with AC and high current. If not done correctly, it can cause a lot of damage to both person and property!

Thanks for the advice, I take it very seriously.

I know the end product (if I can find plans) will not be authorised but I have electricians papers (now retired) and worked in a panel shop making electrical starters for the shipbuilding industry. My point is I dont have a huge pension and 150 dollars is my months “pocket money” so if I can build it myself I will, but I will be careful and use the right dimensions etc.

Once again thanks for the heads up.

regards Neal

I’m also on a limited post-retirement budget and the closest Dewalt router to the 611 (not sold here) is $350. Besides I have an Hitachi TR-12 router looking for a new purpose in life :grinning:

Joys of 240V mains electricity plus, for some reason, only plunge routers are available here - with theexception of the DeWalt 26204K.

@NealRobinson Not PID but here’s a DIY speed controller that might fit the bill.

Ok I have installed this

speed controller

and it works just fine :slight_smile:

I have been looking for a DIY PID controller for my next project. I have found this youtube video (2 parts)

DIY PID part 1

DIY PID part 2

I already have an arduino leonardo from a previous project.
I have just recieved the LCD shield and I am awaiting the the arrival of the OPB704WZ diodes for the tachometer sensors. The video as a tutoral seems do-able to me. look through it and see what you guys think.

I bought an old Makita 3700b single speed 230 volt, I bought it used very cheap on Ebay, the new cheap speed controller works suprizingly well, I am not sure I can get the PID in the videos connected properly but I will be able to get the Tachometer connected, I am not an electronics geek but I am a savvy enough electrician.

You make a lot of sense and I thought I would be disappointed with it, but the testing I am doing pushing the speed up and down under work it seems to cope. and to be very honest if I can just get a tachometer out of it I will be more than chuffed.
The cheapo Speed controller says it is controlled by PWM which by the picture the dial is potmeter so what is that pot PWM controlling and if its the “blue box” on the PCB maybe thats the place to hook up the Leonardo, I have an ex collegue that has an oscillerscope and I will try and get him to eyeball it. I will also check the pictures of other Pid speed controllers and see if I can find any tips

(I am still awaiting the optics in the post) I got the LCD shield and slotted it into the Leonardo, I plugged it in, fed the sketch into it and it fired up ok.
One problem, my router has 20k + RPM and the max on the DIY-PID is at 10k. I suspect this is coded in the programming and I can alter it there.
I also looked at another PID being advertised and there is nothing on the PCB that is not on my cheapo Speed controller. The main speed controller seems to be a triac fired by a PWM signal.