Speed control in Easel

Hi there all nice forum members

How do I change the speed in easel.
In some projects I broke the 1/2 mm bits
and I think the spindle is running to fast over the surface

On the Easel screen, towards the upper right, click on ā€œCut Settingsā€, to lower the speed over the material, reduce the ā€œFeed rateā€ after selecting ā€œCustomā€

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Thank you Robert
That worked
Now I know how to probably saving my small bits

But I still not know what ā€œPlunge rateā€ means

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Plunge rate is the speed at witch the z axis will move down

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Thanks Shane
U have lightning up my world :smiley:

which is the best value?

Well to be honest i have never changed the plunge rate in easel. Just have not found a reason to as of yet. Been using easel over a year now. But if i were to change it I would lower it when cutting metal. Sorry not much help in that department.

ThankĀ“s Shane

You helped me alot

Have a nice weekend

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ipm ?

ThankĀ“s sir
I use mm
in the recommended plunge rate it says 228.6 mm/minutes
Is that to fast or ?
I normaly use plywood and mdf
6-12 mm

Please explain how you stiffened your y axis


IĀ“ll see if I can do the same on mine.