Speed Loader

Hello peeps…I have seen a few designs on here and other places for speedloaders…I took those, thank you @PhillipLunsford especially, did a bit of tinkering and developed this…!


Made 10, 8 RH and 2 LH and sold them all in an afternoon at my local gun shop


willing to share the file???

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@DarrellDodge Last time I did that an idiot blamed me for his own stupidity

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What a goon!!! He probably blames a fork for making him fat too

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And that’s just another reason there needs to be a flagging for moderation feature in that section of the site, just like there is in here!!

I’m sure you’re over if by now, but I can’t believe someone would post that… for a free file no less… you’ve got no idea what cnc he’s using and whether its even maintained and calibrated properly… such poor attitude from that one :roll_eyes:

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