Speed of homing sequence

Is there a way to speed up the homing sequence, it seems very slow? Thank you.

The most efficient method is to park your machine near home before you shut it off.

Homing speed is governed by GRBL parameter $25 and $26 where $25 is the initial (fast, relative) feedrate and $26 is the slow feed rate (to increase precision)

Each homing switch is triggered twice and the sequence is like this:

  • Seek (fast) feed rate into switch for the first tap ($25)
  • Pull off distance, to clear the switch in prep for the 2nd tap ($27, value = mm)
  • Feed rate (slow) into switch for 2nd tap ($26)

The primary cause for time spent during homing is GRBL parameter $25 so increase that a little if you wish :slight_smile: