Speed up 3D carving?

Last night I was trying out the 3D carving capability of my x-carve using vcarve pro and I noticed a lot of wasted router movement. Almost all of the final pass during the roughing carve was just the router traveling back and forth with on a few spots being carved. If this was a production process this would be a waste of valuable tool time.

Not sure if I have optimized my settings properly but I would think there needs to be a way to simply have the router travel to the area needing carved and then move to the next.

Any suggestions of where I might locate more info or a tutorial on optimizing tool paths? Regardless of bit size and feed and speed rates, would just like to minimize the routers sight-seeing travel and have the tool path more efficient.

Thanks for any suggestions.

what settings are you referring to?
I use Vcarve desktop. I think you do too.

Phil, I kind of figured they may not be ideal so I was looking for some guidance on how to better optimize them. Any suggestions on where to look? ~Thanks

Why did I receive an email notification for your reply @PhilJohnson.

You must have been thinking about me when you wrote it.

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I got an email as well.
I don’'t think I chose to watch this thread!

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