Speeds and feeds after upgrades

I noticed that the new z axis and stiffeners are shipping now and I got the motors and belts last week. After we install everything and change the GRBL settings, does anybody have a good idea about new speeds and pass depths. I know it will be able to do everything faster and better but do we still follow the half the shaft diameter rule for pass depth? And if I normally carve at 50ipm, how fast can I safely go now with the same bit?

Your feed rates will be dependent on the density of the materials, the depth of cut you take, and the sharpness of the bit. It’ll vary. I’ve found that I just play around until I have a feed rate that works for what I’m doing. I don’t try and make a speed demon out of it because it is after all a light duty machine, even after the upgrades. I have the cnc4newbies Z axis, the Y stiffeners, the riser plates, and 9mm belts. It really is a big improvement.

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Thank you for responding. I am like you I think. I’d rather make a quality piece even if it takes a little more time. I just wasn’t sure about my first cut after the upgrade. It’s going to be around 14 hours. Thanks again for your answer.

Also one thing to keep in mind with you are working with feeds and speeds its basically a sweet spot. Sometimes running it faster than you think will give you a better chip load for the bit which will give you the best cutting performance.

Sometimes if you run it too slow then the bit winds up creating sawdust since it doesnt have as much to cut instead of chips.