Speeds and feeds

It seems to me that the recommended speeds and feeds (I know are generalized) seems to be a wide range of times for speeds… case in point, I recently double the speed on a Harley Davidson flag, 20" x 30"… At 30 it was going to take 10 hours and I doubled the speed and got it down to 5 hours but that still a long time for 1 cut/ sign… I did another flag lastnight, it originally estimated 27 hours, after more than tripling the speed rate, I got it down to 7 hours… That’s a long time for a very easy, not much detail piece… Anybody have any other tips to get the speed faster and work times down?

  • Increase the stepover percentage as Easel default to 40%.
  • Use a larger tool for clearing operation.
  • Explore (learn the capacity) of your machine
  • Explore the benefit of better tool path strategies from other software, one example is Fusion360 which is powerful.

Thank you… I most certainly will!!