Speeds for jogging

Hello, Is there a way to slow down the jogging speeds for X and Y? When I set the jogging to 1 " the machine just jumps really fast. I’m new here and don’t have a clue.
Help please
Gerald Wheeler

Here is a link with grbl settings explanation.

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You will need to change youe $111 and $110 settings. Be sure to write down what they are set at incase you need to change them back.

Thanks I will try. Any idea on what to change them to

Do you know what they are set at?

They are set at 8000

You can set them lower but i would start with $111=7000.00 and $110=7000.00 and try them. If they are still to fast for you set them down more and try again. You can always move them up and down to find a happy spot.I believe mine are set clear down to 4000.00.

Thanks, I will try that in the morning

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I think that 8000 is the default and I have left mine there.
Is your table solid? Maybe add some bracing?

If the “jolt” is what you want to smooth out you could lower the acceleration values for X ($120) and Y($121)

Thanks, I need all of the help that I can get