Spin speed and feed rates knowledge

Does anyone have a chart or resource for setting feed rates and spindle speeds based on type of bit? For instance, should a spiral upcut be spun faster than a straight flute? Looking for some knowledge or general best starting point.

you’d want to research “chipload calculation” but the issue is that the bit profile, the number of flutes, the density of material, the depth per pass, the feed and the rpm all play into the calculation… and then there’s the cnc’s rigidity and power to push the bit through the material at the recommended settings… … some CNC’s are not strong enough, this is one of the advantages of the wider belts and linear rail Z and larger steppers of the new version Xcarve.

If you are using an XCarve and Easel, you should use the Inventables default settings. Depending on how sturdy and true your machine is, you can increase settings from there as you learn.

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