Spindal drive upgrade

I just completed my upgrade, and everything seemed to work fine until I made my first carve. The size of the cave is wrong. I called inventables and what little help I got was told that my $100 value and the $101 value needs to be change. What do I change these to?

I’m afraid We will need more information. can you post the file you were trying to carve? much was it off? any other info will help us get it figured out

How to edit your GRBL parameters:

As to what you need to change them to…
We would have a clue as we do not know your current GRBL values for $100 or $10, nor the difference of scale between design and actual carving.

But, say your current $100=100 and you carve a 2" pocket design but ut comes out at 4":

($100old / 2) * 4 = $100new

It’s referring to machine calibration of your X/Y/Z axis. Search the forums, lots of info here.