Spindle control from x-controller

I would like to set up controlling the power for the router and vacuum via G-Code but am having some issues.
Most people see to use the IOT Power relay, however that is only available for US sockets, so i cant use this.
The next common solution is to use a SSR relay. In Australia we are not supposed to touch mains voltage, so that is not really an option.

I have some IOT based power plugs that I can control over wifi. So I would like to take the 0-10v output from the x-controller and use that to pass a signal in to a micro controller. Then I can tell the plugs to turn on and off.

I tried wiring this up, if I turn on 0-10v output i can see 10V, but if I connect a 5V relay (with a 50ohm coil resistance) to that the voltage drops to 0.8v.

Anyone know how you can use the x-controller 0-10v output to drive a low voltage relay?