Spindle Control has to be reset everytime in Setup

I have a relay hooked to the spindle control on the X Controller so it turns on both the spindle and a vacuum. Works great except I have to go through a machine setup every time I close and restart Easel. Anyone know why the setting won’t stick.

no I haven’t been, should I be?

I too have this same issue. I found out you can just select “automatic” for spindle control in the Machine menu without having to run the entire setup.

I don’t believe I’m deleting cookies but I’ll check, thank you @PhilJohnson

Been using Firefox and tried changing cookies and browser settings, made no difference. tried a different browser (Google chrome) at Phil’s suggestion and it works fine and saves the setting. So I have to say I appreciate the input from this forum. I had given up and was looking at just using other software for processing the g code files I have created in Aspire. So Thank You

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