Spindle control on/off

So I purchased the relay to turn the spindle on/off during the carve. It worked great for a week. I added a laser to the operation and now the spindle won’t function automatically like it did before. I can manually start it with command M3 12000 and shut it off with M5. I have even started it prior to carving with M3 12000 but when you confirm in the steps to turn the spindle on, it actually shuts it off. Any suggestions?

Double check in your machine settings that it is still set on ‘automatic’ for spindle control. I have had it change on me unknowingly.

It is still set to automatic. The button is there when going thru the start up. It will even turn the machine off when I press the “start spindle” icon after I started it with the M312000 command. It seems something got flipped when I ran Lightburn for the laser (which doesn’t work either).

Did light burn change your grbl settings?