Spindle control outputs from X controller

I am installing a spindle later today in my X Carve and want to make sure I understand what to expect. The spindle has its own speed controller and it accepts both a digital enable/disable signal as well as a 0-10volt speed control input. Can Easel be set up to drive both of these inputs? Is the 0-10 volt output from the X controller an analog output it just a 0 OR 10 digital output?


Marco -
What type of VFD are you trying to connect the x-controller to? I connected mine to a Huanyang inverter, this thread was a great help: Controlling my Huanyang inverter using the X-Controller


Hi @JeremiahRandolph, I have a brushless DC spindle. The controller has an enable pin and a speed control pin. The speed control input takes a voltage between 0 and 10 to control the speed. Internally it has a RC filter that allows the speed control pin to also be controlled with a pwm signal.

So I am trying to understand the outputs on the X controller to try and figure out how to wire them together.

Iā€™m documenting the answer here for myself. I finally got the oscilloscope out and attached it to the back of the X controller.

I confirmed for myself that the M3 command drives both the PWM and the 0-10V outputs and also that the 0-10 volt output is in fact an analog signal. The M5 command strips both signals. The PWM signal voltage is 0 or 5 volts. A different signal or configuration of the grbl options is required to have both the speed control and a separate engage signal.

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