Spindle control problem

Got new x-carve and all is great but one issue. I’m using a dewalt 6111 and would like the spindle to be controlled by my pc. I have a relay for 120vac with a 3-32 vdc input signal. My issue is the 24 vdc signal output on my interface is always 24 v on. I have put the spindle in automatic mode in easel and flipped the switch to logic mode on the interface. The issue is the spindle is on as soon as I power up the interface. Everything works great but the spindle is always on?

one suggestion get a IoT relay that is what I use to turn the 611 on you can fine then on ebay

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Can you post a picture(s) of your wiring?

Well I was hoping to use what’s there but it seems to be malfunctioning. Like I said its 24 vdc spindle control signal is always on anyone else have this issue. Maybe I’m wrong isn’t the S- S+ the spindle signal. Its on in auto and manual.

same issue with IOT relay!!


If you are using the brown IoT relay pictured in many posts here, you can take the spindle PWM signal ( Arduino/gShield D11) and ground (what would be Arduino/gShield position D14) straight to the IoT control signal. You don’t need to use the Inventables power supply board unless you want to use the manual switch.

If you have the spindle switch in the off position and you measure 24 VDC on the S- to S+ terminals then your Inventables power supply board is defective.