Spindle control

I’m thinking about getting the x carve but I was wondering do you just plug and unplug the spindle or does it go through the controller

where does the relay connect on the controller

I tried youtubing IoT relay but there was not any videos on connecting it to a X carve that I could see

does the controller have a place for it or do you just plug it in to one of the other ports

There is a place on the controller for this - check out the images on this thread - IOT Relay Wiring Diagram - #16 by ScottWilkins

I also have anther question how loud is the 611 spindle

Make it easier for you.

that funny that’s actactly what I was thinking about doing but I wasn’t sure if it would work

Wiring Diagrams only shows lines goes to where. Have you ever seen black and red Dewalt wires.
I know you can do better, I just draw with Paint and helped so many guys for.


Hope you dont mind @AlanDavis :slight_smile:

(Image show 3 pin IEC plug (EU), Live, Neutral and Ground)
DeWalt or Makita do not have a ground wire so any power extension cable will work.

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For my setup, I just made a small extension cord that I cut and spliced into the relay. I didn’t even have to mess with cutting the Dewalt power cord.

Agreed, mine isn’t the only way, it is just one way. Collective input, both positive and negative, is thoroughly welcomed.


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I know you will build wooden Robot some day to do your shop job. :innocent:

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Alan, I’m pretty sure Phil is in fact a wooden robot himself! How else would he be able to do everything that he does? He’s just not human! :grin::+1:

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Did you do that on your phone?

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Must be since the receptacle slots seem to be out of proportion and the faceplate is missing its screw. :sweat_smile:

Wall outlet have no center screw, dewalt won’t start.


Do you happen to know how loud the 611 spindle is

It measures about 85 decibels when cutting. My craftsman shop vac runs about 90. At least according to my iPhone app.