Spindle controller board quit

What could cause my spindle controller to fail? It worked in the morning and was dead in the afternoon? I bought another one but I’m concerned that I’m doing something wrong that could cause the failure since the board was only a year old without a lot of wear. (controller would not work either in PWM or manual mode…48V in ok… indicator light was NOT on…)

The original spindle control board (attached to the power supply) would not support 48 volts. Do you have one that does support 48 volts?

It was the one listed in the mod with quiet cut spindle… Separate controller… Worked fine for a year or so with 48V

Did you check the fuse?

Ugh… Did not even notice there was one… Yep… Blown!


BTDT! You’re in good company. Mine blew twice but not while carving, fortunately.

Now, I’m using a DWP611 for other reasons.