Spindle down?

Yesterday everything was fine. Today the x-carve started to loose track again. So I redid the belts, but still no progress. I slightly increased that thingy on the electronics just a tiny bit. Still no change.
So last but not least I wanted tot test the spindle… Spindle didn’t do a thing! So I rewired, but still the spindle does nothing at all.
How can I test if the spindle broke down?

Do you mean that it does not turn on? Stock spindle?

If so, carefully try spinning it up by hand, or, grab a wrench and whack it. If it starts, your spindle needs to be replaced. Send an email to help@.

Thanks for your reply Tony!
Yes, it’s the custom x-carve spindle and it did nothing.
I’ve tried spinning it by hand and it started spinning again.
But does this mean I have a bad spindle? And would replacing this spindle mean the end of the problems I have keeping the x-carve in track?

If you replace it with a Dewalt 611 or a VFD spindle. I would not get another 24V spindle.

Yes, if it starts when you spin it, it’s bad. Bad spindles can cause all sorts of random issues.

Inventables will get you a new one, but prepare for that to possibly die, too, unless they can confirm that the current spindles are different.

When my stock spindle died customer service gave me a credit for it’s value toward a quiet cut 300w 48v spindle. I had to add in a power supply and speed controller but I have no regrets in doing so.

Mine went last week, they did have some bad ones, mine was quickly replaced when I contacted Customer Success, but I got a 611 mount and picked up a DWP611 off Amazon and really have to say I’m glad the spindle died, like going from a car to a tank (and the tank’s quieter).

Thank you all for your replies.
I’ve googeld the Dewalt 611. It seems a lot bigger than the custom x-carve spindle.
How does it connect to the x-carve? Will it be powered directly? So you can’t controll it through Easel, I guess? Will the small bits still fit?
I am sorry if these are stupid questions. I am a complete newebie to this.

The dewalt requires a new spindle mount (available from Inventables).

It is an AC powered router, so without a relay the power cannot be turned on/off from within easel.

The speed must also be set manually.

To use 1/8" bits, like the stock spindle, requires a new collet or an adapter.

The Dewalt 611 sounds great, only one ’little’ problem… I read It only works with 110V… Here in the Netherlands 220V is the standard…

Someone mentioned a 220 version in one of the threads, not sure which one.

This one…

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