Spindle electronics clarification

I have the 48vdc quiet cut spindle from the kit Quiet Cut Spindle Upgrade & TinyG | Inventables . While going through the assembly instructions on the main page, I am confused if nothing goes into the PWM/GND pins or Spindle +/-.

At the top, the video shows red/black wires going into spindle +/- . Do I not do this part for the 48vdc?

Step 13 “Connect PWM Spindle Control” has yellow/black wires go from the 8 pin female header to the two pin PWM/GND. In the spindle upgrade, it just shows the 8 pin header. Is this step the same?

I guess in essence, is the only difference instead of following the video of the Spindle+/- going into the board, it goes into the Speed Controller, (and the 48vdc power supply also goes into it), and the jumper is switched?

Check out this web page:

I followed this page, but the spindle speed is only being controlled by the potentiometer, it doesnt work when i use easel for turning on/off the spindle. It doesnt show anything plugged into the Spindle Logic/Gnd, and shows a different jumper configuration than the link I was following with the TinyG.

Could someone explain what I am doing wrong?