Spindle fails to turn on

Has anyone ever encountered this issue with their Carvey where the spindle will not spin up at all? After completing a carve the other day I went to make another part yesterday using the same Easel project. This time Carvey homed like normal and then attempted to drive the stationary cutting tool directly into my material! Either there is no indication to the control board that the spindle isn’t moving or the board is applying the voltage and thinks that it is spinning. In either case, I tried several times to get it to work, power cycled the machine, and each time the machine insists on trying to break my bit by slamming it into my piece of wood without the tool spinning. Additionally, the LEDs are powered on the spindle assembly so I think it is unlikely that it is not receiving power (although if someone knows where I can check to verify this I would like to know!). Is Easel perhaps not sending the code to turn on the spindle? I have had this machine barely a year and hardly use it so I would be pretty surprised if the spindle is toast. I reported the issue each time it occurred to support yesterday but while I wait to get a response I wanted to see if anyone in the community had any suggestions. The first day of school is coming up and I would hate for the machine to be broken for the year (my one year warranty would’ve been up in June making this particularly frustrating).

HEY I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! WHAT’S GOING ON! I’m very upset and I just got a chance to OPEN THEM YESTERDAY getting it over here in KOREA wasn’t cheap! THE LED IS ON AT THIS POINT but no MOVEMENT WHAT SO EVER!

Sorry for the very late reply: I have tried rebooting, reinstalling the driver, the whole gamut.

Support had me look at the error code on the terminal in Easel and determined that the spindle will need to be replaced. They reported that the spindles are only rated for 500 hours. My unit as far as I am aware wasn’t close to this threshold yet- it was used very sparingly over the lifetime of the device- so I guess it was bad luck.

Hopefully they start stocking replacement spindles in the store soon.