Spindle for X-carve

Hi, I’m new and considering buying the x-carve from the UK distribitor Robsavvy. I can buy it with or without the UK version of the Dewalt 611 (D262000) however I think it will be too loud?

I have been reading lots from the x-carve forums prior to joining up and have heard of quieter models and it appears the watercooled seem to be the quietet of all?

I am a little concerned about the water cooled spindles as a forum member stated these are not really suitable for newbies? The reasons weren’t expanded on, which is why a new thread.

Any advice/recommendations for the quietest or the quietest spindle suitable for a newbie would be appreciated. I will mainly be cutting/engraving pine.

I will be also building a sound isolation box for the x-carve and a dust extraction system, but have studied this extensively. Not seeking advice here, just pointing out noise is an issue for me … I know the noise will be higher when cutting, but don’t want to be turning the router off and on continually and hopefully with an isolation box the noise will go from barely audible to acceptable with a quiet spindle and one of the new low noise vacuum cleaners (62-65dB))

So my main question/s are

  1. Can anyone suggest a quiet or the quietest spindle.

  2. where would I get a spindle mount to fit the suggested spindle?

  3. Would it be advisable to order the D262000 (611) spindle mount and customise it?

I will be gratefull for any suggestions/advice … thanks

Hi @PeterGill1,

The Air cooled version of the VDF spindle that you are referring to is a little less complicated, so it might be an option for you. That being said, you may want to take a look at the Makita RT0700C it makes about the same noise as the Air cooled VDF but has the low complexity of the Dewalt.

Take a look here and see the information in the thread linked… It might help you decided too:
Convince me, Dewalt 611 or 400w Quiet cut?

I personally was on track to upgrade to the 800w Air Cooled VDF spindle, but I think I have changed my mind and will be going with the Makita. I too am concerned about noise levels. I have already received the Dewalt mount, and will just wrap the Makita with a shim.

Thanks Sketch42 this is very helpful information.

It would be interesting if anyone had tested the dB’s of the Makita, but the results so far reported seem very promising.

I intend making a sound isolation/soundproof box, without a viewing window (this is the area where sound leakage is the hardest to isolate) and I will have a camera inside the box.

I haven’t yet got an x-carve, but was about to press the “buy it now” on a “500” from “Robsavvy” in the UK, but noted it only has the Nema 17 stepper motors. Not sure that is a big issue but that will be my next question on the forum. Just wondering if it would be OK for starting and maybe upgrade later? Depending how under powered they are in practice? I have no experience other than I know smaller is usually less LOL.

Oh, does anyone know the UK equivalent (model number) for the Makita RT0700C?


Ooops, just tried Amazon and its the same LOL,

I think it’s the same. A quick look on the UK site brought me THIS.

Thanks, yes you are right, I just found out after searching on Amazon. I was thrown because Ebay.UK through up a load of 110v models.

Check ebay UK I see nema 23 185 oz 3 pack for under 50 pounds.


Hey David, thanks for the heads up … they even have singles, so for around £65 I can get a full set, That makes me feel a lot better … I can try out the 17’s and if I need to upgrade I can do so for little money, which is great news.

Bite the bullet and get the 23s from the get go. If you set a 17 and a 23 side by side you will see why the 23 is far better.
If you are just starting out your CNC adventure by starting with a X-Carve you will have far less frustration with 23s


Thanks David, you are right, however we can’t pick and choose in the UK, The x-carve 500 comes with the 17’s. There will be no harm using the 17’s while I get used to the X-carve, I will only be cutting and engraving wood, or at least for the foreseeable future.

This is true understanding that your feeds and speeds may need to be adjusted for the 17s verse 23s.


i brought my x-carve fully loaded from robosavvy in the UK and had mine for about a month or so now. mine come with the 24v spindle but now they do them with the desalt router whack i have had years. ill upgrade the spindle mount and use that at some point. once your setup it won’t be the spindle your bothered about it will be the software side as easel is limited in its abilities although a good starting platform, I’m just trying to learn fusion 360 to make more complicated shapes etc. id also buy a few extra cheap bits off ebay cus your probably break them when learning the basics! I’m from the midlands!!

Thanks Gavin, yes it will be a good idea to get some spare bits, I’ll probably break a lot getting used to it.

I will upgrade the software eventually, but my initial requirements are for simple shapes, but I’m sure that will change over time.

Unless you were planning on operating your XC in a block of flats I wouldn’t worry too much about the noise from a Dewalt. I have the DW26200 and I don’t think the noise is that bad. (of course that could be because my ears are shot from attending too many rock concerts). It is barely audible outside the garage where the XC is situated and I think my Camvac makes more noise.

Thanks, my ears are shot also … unfortunately it is my neighbors ears that concern me LOL.

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You’ll want to make some sort of quiet box for your vacuum… if you don’t have a vacuum for this, then you will want to get one (dust is definitely coming your way) and then build the quiet box. I was running mine in the other room from where my wife was putting our son to sleep and I told her… she said she didn’t even know it was on.

Yes, I have looked at some low noise vacuums, its always easier to start with the lowest sound level. I have heard that some vacuums can be louder than the router.

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Being in the UK you have the advantage of 240V mains. You might have a look at the Kress Milling Motors. Very compact, lightweight (compared to a “normal” router) and a noise level that’s comparable to a DC spindle motor. Their “nicer” models come in 240V versions only. I got the FM-800 for my X-Carve as it is the only version that comes for american 120V AC. I got mine, together with a 1/8" collet here: http://www.damencnc.com/en/tools/kress/kress-milling-motor
The price is roughly comparable to a Dremel, but more versatile, more precise, more power, etc., and has a standard european 43mm mounting flange, for which you can find spindle mounts at several places (e.g. the bay).
IMHO a better option than the heavy DeWalt and maybe better than Bosch (less noise? …speculating here…).
Good Luck!

The Proxxon router is also a good machine. Smaler than Dewalt and Makita.