Spindle getting very hot. 24v 300w

Hi All,

I’ve had no problems at all, cutting well etc.

But today I noticed on even short jobs (ten mins) at full speed, not stressing it, just cutting spruce, it was smelling hot. With an IR thermo it was just under 100 degs C. Stopped the job, let it cool down, started another job and within a couple of minutes it was back up to being that hot.

Still works fine, no change in sound, cuts fine, starts fine etc. I’ve taken it out of the mount and checked it wasn’t full of chips but was clean. There was no obvious play in the bearings either.

When we had hot weather a few weeks ago, I was doing 30 mins jobs and with an IR thermo kept an eye on it and it never got over 75 degs C.

Is it on its way out?



Mw stock spindle died and I upgraded to a 300w 48v unit and they did not want the old one back.

When tearing it apart because I could, I found alot of sawdust caught up inside.

Perhaps you could take an air compressor to the internals of your motor? Although it sounds like is giving the death call. I am really happy with my replacement BTW!

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Nope, very clean when removed from the mounting but I tend to run a shop vac full time while cutting.

Spindle still running very hot, around 95C today and a couple of jobs failed to start without first manually spinning the spindle. So I guess it’s on its last legs, email time. :frowning: