Spindle interferes steppers

Hello comunity.
After one year working with the original 24Volt spindle, i had to replace it. It was too noisy.
I installed a 110 Volt Dc spindle from China. My first carvings were realy succesfull. But after a few days, my x-carve started to loose or even to add steps. Cheching the whole hardware shows me no problem. Then, once after powering on the spindle i heard a strange klicking noise from the z stepper. I watched it carefully and i could see that it was shaking single steps left and right. May be, the other motors shows the same behavior.
This lets me think about interferences. The spindles powercable is routed with all other cables in the same chain. After removing the spindles cable and routing it seperately, the loosing or adding steps and also the the klicks and shakings of z motor disapeared.
So far so god. But i want the spindles cable installed in the cable chain again.
Do have some one of you an idea what i can to prevent this interferences?
Thanks in advance and best regards from Swtzerland

If it is a DC spindle you can add capacitors to quiet the electrical noise. But I would check the wires on your stepper to make sure they are tight, and making good contact.

Don’t waste your time fixing it. Lots of problems related 24VDC spindles. They don’t work very nice.
Convert it to either Dewalt611 or Makita of your choice. You’ll see the difference.