Spindle isn't spinning~ Help for the non tech savvy please

The spindle no longer turns on. Everything else moves, xyz, but it’s not spinning. My husband checked all the wires and they appear to be all connected.
Does anyone have troubleshoot ideas? Little panicked, as I have orders and a market to prepare for.

I am not tech savvy either. Help would be soo appreciated!

What type of spindle are you using. Some 300 watt 24 volt units have been having problems due to how they were manufactured.

Thanks @AllenMassey. It is one of the 24 volt units. I just searched through the forum and found that this has been as issue.
Will have to try and find a dewalt as I need one urgently.

If you have Dremel tool siting around, it fits same mount and works. All you have to do is plug it to wall outlet until you receive your Dewalt.

Funny you should mention that as we have actually just tried cutting with it. It’s working perfectly as my emergency cutter. Managed to get out one of my urgent orders on it.

Make sure you call inventables and let them know, they have been refunding the price of the 24v spindle off a dewalt 611 mount if you want to go that way.

Thanks @DallasPowers I will be contacting inventables.