Spindle keeps going down

This just started a couple of days ago and I cant figure out what’

s happening. It will keep and pushes the gantry up.

Check your wiring to make sure everything is still pushed in all the way. Also can you post your grbl setting here?

I just went around it and everything is tight.


Looks like your $=102 setting is right if you have a stock z axes. When you say it just goes down what are you trying to do. Do you work in mm or inches maybe that has changed.

I work in inches unless I run across a project is in in mm and I it.

So just a recap exactly what is it doing?

When you start the carve the spindle goes straight and continues to go straight down until I turn it of. It pushes so hard that the gantry starts to rise up. It will keep going until I stop

Can you download the file here so we can take a look?

It happened on two other projects on mine as well.
Christmas Tree.zip (441.5 KB)

Can you download here using easel.

Well i am not a pro but i don’t see anything wrong there. Does it move upward alright? And no matter what setting you type in when you start down does it just plunge into the waste board?

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Yeah it moves up and down just fine and this started yesterday and every time we try it does the same thing. I set x,y manually and it worked but the depth of cut was way off.

When Wayne said

I think he’s asking specifically if manually commanded up moves up and vise versa

Also do they appear to move the correct amounts? Ie 1" up commanded actually moves the correct direction the correct amount

You do have a stock z axes don’t you?

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No I have one from cncnewbie. I put it on a couple of weeks ago and it has been working fine up until yesterday. When i set it manually it didn’t plunge but it disregarded the depth of cut I set it at.

These are not the default settings. Usually $22=2 (this turns on homing)
$20=1 (this turns on soft limits. Or an error code if you try to crash the machine instead of it actually crashing)

Default $112=500 (this us the z top speed control)
default $122=50 (this is the z acceleration)

Oh and yes everything moves correctly.

Ohh, you need to adjust the $3, $102, and $132 for a non- stock z axis