Spindle keeps going down

The one from cnc4newbies should be around 50.059 so you need to change the $102 from 188.976 to 50.059 and then calibrate from there.

What should be the value of $3


from you prior reply up the thread, your current value of $3=3 it’s runing inversely to the correct direction right now (up drives it down & down drives it up)

The correct setting for $3 is 7

That is odd because i have the cnc4 nebs and my 3 setting is $3=3?

possibly your stepper is wired differently.
there is actually no industry standard for wiring of them so its very common issue and this is why it’s made so simple with the $3 options :slight_smile:
& this is why the note in Red from my photo above, ripped right off of the cnc4n website says “If your z axis is reversed…” [change the $3 or re-wire the stepper]…

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This happened to me (destroying a nearly finished piece in the process) and the fix was to tighten lead screw. Use thread-locker to keep it in place.

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