Spindle Mount Assemble

Does it matter on what side the large holes for the eccentric spacer goes???
It calls for it to be on the right side as you’re looking at it, but the one I received has the large holes on the left.


I can’t resist.

Can you post a picture so we can understand your problem better.

Ok sorry guys that I wasn’t clear enough on my original question. Let’s try this again. In the instructions and all the pictures it shows the adjustable V wheel on the right side of the spindle mount as you’re looking at it, and the fixed V wheels on the left. My problem is the larger holes that fit the eccentric spacer for the adjustment wheel are on the left side and not on the right. Will this be a problem???

Is your Z-carriage upside-down?

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No, we all 100% understood what you’re trying to say and we’re all politely telling you that you most likely have it upside down or doing something else wrong.

Post a picture of your mount to illustrate what you’re describing.

Here are the pictures, I think I have a problem.

Yea you can’t even get access to delrin mounting holes.

I take back what I previously said. Definitely not an operator issue.

Contact Customer Success.

Wow, that’s scary impressive to do that.

That’s why people need to post pics… (and PM me the good ones :wink: )

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Thanks and from here on I’m posting pics LOL


Please contact our help team at 312-775-7009 or help@inventables.com

We will get it fixed for you.

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