Spindle Mount Jerking

I’m noticing a jerking motion on the spindle mount. I’m cutting in some soft cedar and when the mount moves in the X axis, it has a steady jerk or shake. I thought I may be cutting too fast so I cut the feed rate down to 8 in/min but the shake is still there. Am I doing something wrong or what. When it does this, it causes the wood to have a pattern from the jerking.

This is almost like the V wheels are trying to go out.

Something has to be loose, could you post a video?
Did it just start doing this?

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I checked and rechecked the tightening of all the v wheels

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It only does this in the X axis left or right. you just can see it in the video.

mines started doing the same today need to get a look at it tomorrow.

That’s chattering, how deep are you cutting? you may just be cutting to deep.
Try cutting at .1 inches and see if that helps

I was cutting at about 3/32 1st an 2nd pass. I can just barely touch the top of the router and it stops. There has to be something loose in the spindle mount. It ain’t the V-wheels cause I checked those. I plan to remove the router and find it this afternoon.

This type of chatter usually comes from loose belts or y axis rails that are flexing. Adding stiffeners to the y axis rails solves this for me.

How do I add stiffeners?

Theres no prescribed way to do it. Basically you just need to bolt something between your wastenoatd frame and your rails. When I first had noticed this issue, used an angle bracket on both sides pressed tight against the rails, attaching them to the waste board but not the rails. This could even be done with wood blocks to test the theory. As long as the blocks on both sides prevent any side to side flexing motions of the gantry rail, it should reduce or eliminate this chatter. I eventually bolted my stiffeners to the bottom rails as well to ensure they were held static.

There are ample threads on stiffeners here in the forum.