Spindle mount movment question

should the spindle mount have movement on the Z axis, sideways forward and backward? have adjusted the eccentric nuts but they make no difference, it freely moves around 2mm side to side and forward

The spindle mount should not have any side to side or forward wiggle.

Are the vwheels on the z axis all so tight that it is difficult to turn them by hand?

top vwheels are tightish no movement of the spindle mount there but the bottom vwheels very very loose that’s where all the movement is coming from

The bottom wheels should have eccentric nuts on them that will allow you to tighten the vwheels until there is no movement. Be sure you used the eccentric nuts.

yeah have just readjusted the eccentric nuts again, must of come loose all seems good again. cheers

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I highly recommend you apply some blue Loctite to all the nuts on the machine. Otherwise they will all continue to loosen at the worst possible times.

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If you haven’t used Loctite before, I’d recommend that you use the Blue (Loctite 242) as it allows you to remove the nut in the future with normal hand tools.

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I read your reply that the spindle mount should not have any side to side or forward/backwards wiggle. I have a question as to why my spindle mount is loose. There is movement from side to side, and forward to back., The spindle wheels are tight? After tightening all four spindle wheels the spindle mount still has movement. I’m at a loss. Don’t know what to do from here Any suggestions?