Spindle not going all the way to carve the wood

I have everything all set up and when I go through all the steps, i have no issues. When it suppose to carve into the wood it goes through the carving above the wood. How do I get it to carve on the wood.

Do you mean it is carving in the air instead of into the wood? How are you setting your work zero location?

Yes, that is exactly what is happening. It’s carving into the air. I just put together my xcarve so I am unfamiliar on what you mean by work zero location.

Setting up your work zero is one of the steps in the workflow after you click the carve button. Have a look at PawPaw’s video below. Skip to about 7:20 as he describes setting the Z and then X & Y zeros.

The work zero of the machine corresponds to the black dot in the bottom left corner of easel. It’s your way of telling the machine how to correlate the coordinates on the screen with the coordinates of the physical machine.

He has a bunch of other great videos as well.

I have done that multiple times and it still carves in the air. I use the z probe which works fine, but after that the spindle doesn’t go all the way down to the wood.

Did you measure your Z-probe height with calipers and set it in the machine? Only other thing could be that your design is in IN but its trying to carve in mm.

@LarryM is one of the resident experts that might be able to chime in.

I would like to be able to help, but I don’t use Easel.

LarryM what software do you use and are you using an xcarve.

I use Vcarve Pro and I have a 500mm Xcarve with a pen attachment.

@SergioPartida Can you provide a little more detail? Are you carving an Easel designed project?

After you have probed what are your work coordinates?
They will show in Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D)

I don’t even have mine put together fully yet… but I think Goose is probably onto something there. How high is it carving in mid air? About the height of the zprobe? Try zeroing it out on the material itself instead of using the zprobe and see what happens. I’m going to bet a shiny nickle that it carves for you then. :slight_smile:

I have used the z probe and zeroing out on the Wood itself. Once I push the green carve button the spindle goes up and starts carving. Still can’t get it to carve.