Spindle not going all the way up?

When testing the Z homing switch the motor will go almost up then seems to bind and stops before the homing switch has time to shut it off. The machine moves fine up and down until it gets close to the top then seems to bind up and stop. What do I need to do?

Clear the obstruction?
Check if the back casing of the Dewalt is bumping, or wther there is a stop screw interfering (I dont have the Xcarve slider)

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show us a photo of your z axis

I thought that was the case so I sanded the lip off the router that appeared to touch. It doesn’t now but still stops. I can take a wrench and turn nut on top and it will come up without touching anything. It just want without help. It will come down on it’s on no problem? I’m at a loss, I have looked to make sure it’s not hitting an screws or anything. The only thing I can find is that the belt that stepper motor turns is really tight, but didn’t think I should loosen it to cause the gear to turn and not the belt.

@KevinRampley - loosen the two screws securing the delrin screw block (black plastic thingy)
Do not tighten it, let it sit every so slightly loose.

How does it perform now?