Spindle Not Moving Left to Right

Here are my details:
Running X Carve 1000mm
10/21- had to switch my drag chains due to fact incorrectly assembled
Wiring was a mess so I also organized that while drag chains were off
Put all back together and now I can hear my spindle wanting to move but nothing happening
Went back and made sure all connections were connected

Can you take a picture of your X axis pulley from the top of the carriage? It looks as if your belt is off the pulley from the video.

Hi there

Yes give me a second

By the sound of it (the video in the first post) I hear the motors actually move, but there is no motion to the carriage.
Shaft may be spinning?

It may also help to disengage any axis that do not work at the moment so the motor is not connected to any belt. Place some tape around the shaft like a flag, this will help you to see any motion.
Taking a step back, get the offending motors to work - then connect belts and retest.

For the Y-axis a pen marker on the shaft (on the exposed backside of the motor) will also help to detect motion.

There have been reports of broken shafts, though unlikely, the shaft can be broken inside the case, rotor actually rotate, but no shaft rotation.

No this location (in the red box):


Unrelated to the lack of movement issue, your limit switch wire is rubbing on your drag chain:

Route the wire over the motor to avoid future problems.

Closest picture I have to what the belt is supposted to look like on the X-Carrage:

I think the instruction would benefit from an illustration.