Spindle not starting

I have 3018 generic cnc. Design in Easel, export gcode (roughing and detailing files) to run in Candle.
Opening and starting roughing file the spindle will not turn on. Job will run otherwise following tool paths but there is alot of beeping going on. Spindle never starts.
I’ve successfully run other projects like making spoilboard but cant get other projects with roughing and detail files to work properly. I realize more explanations may be required

Go into machine >edit machine and verify that its set to 24 spindle, or “Other”

Then go to machine>general settings and ensure its set to automatic. And that the max setting in there matches what your machines $32 grbl setting is set to.

Then under the cut settings you should see the place where you’d set rpm…

If these are still not working, then you might want to verify $30-32 are set correctly

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