Spindle not turning after pushing the red button

I did a bad cut. I accidentally use a smaller thicker plywood so I heard the bit cut into the waste board. I push the red button but now the spindle is not spinning. I check my settings for spindle. Everything is seems good and I’ve push the red button before but this time spindle is not spinning. Not sure if even the spindle stop spinning during cutting the waste board.

What machine? What spindle?
Did you release the emergency stop?


Sorry for the late reply. We use a x carve pro machine, the only way to get the spindle spinning (for the prob process) from pressing the emergency red button was to shut the server off. I dont own this product its our company’s machine. I’m learning as I go :sweat_smile:

There’s a fuse at the back of the controller, it’s part of the power cord connector, you’ve got to remove the power cord and then you can pull out the fuse holder part (it’s black plastic) and check that fuse.

Also verify the Red button is fully up, twist and pull up…

And also verify the plug the machine is plugged into has power, it’s possible the breaker on that outlet tripped when the red button was pushed.

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