Spindle on/off

Spindle just continuously turns on and off, at the turn on spindle step before proceeding to carve and if you proceed to carve, nothing moves only spindle turns on and off. Thanks

If this is with easel, can you go to machine inspector immediately after this fault. Press ctrl+shift+D to enter this page and if the status says alarm or error as i presume it will, check the console section for an “alarm status” likely itll say alarm 1 or 2 which are indicating a crash. Likely into the top limit switch.

Which model cnc is this?

Thanks, using a FoxAlien Masuter 4040, there is no error code, spindle isn’t near any limit switches to cause a lock out and only shows ok after checking for codes. The spindle turns on and off continuously and never stays completely on. If I move into carve spindle does the same thing and only pulsates on and off. Thanks

Just curious what is your $32= setting?


Are you using an iot relay for the router?

No iot being used just standard equipment, had this problem when first setup cnc and finally adjust spindle speed if I remember correctly but not sure where I done that and made several uses, switched over to laser and now going back to router and having the pulsing issue again.

Using the laser $32 should be 1 but using the cnc $32 should be 0. Try switching $32=0 and see if that works. You can always switch it back .

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When you mentioned $32 earlier I went ahead and changed it to $32=0 and still doing it.


I happen to also have a masuter 4040, and be a volunteer admin of their company facebook group…
If the cnc is going to impact a limit switch due to the next move it will fault and present the alarm codes i mentioned even without acrually impacting a switcg, this us because it uses homing and the total size of the work area is saved onto the cnc
I suggest checking for that error code.

In easel you could reduce the safety height if the issue is the upper limit, to do this go to machine>general settings and reduce the safety height and orogin safety height.

If its the lower limit than you may need to lower the spindle in the clamp, or if youve got the 300w spindle you would need to raise the workpiece since the spindle cannot be lowered enough.

James did a video on the 4040xe, but the same exact problem is present with the masuter and the 300w spindle…

And the masuter pro can have the same.issue as well depending on setup.

Appreciate the help but none of those are causing the issue. I Would send a video of spindle just pulsating, if possible but not seeing that as an option.

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Ohh, im sorry, i didnt see the pulsating issue, i would bet that might be a short that is causing it to trip off and then back on…

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